Is Our 18k Gold Plated Jewellery water-proof & hypoallergenic?

Do I have to take my 18k Gold Plated jewellery off when I go to shower?

No, our jewellery is plated using 18k Gold PVD Plating or 18k Gold Vermeil. This means that our jewellery can withstand more exposure to moisture. With proper jewellery care, your jewels will last much longer than standard coated jewellery. However, we still advise to not wear your jewellery in water to maintain its shine.

It’s important to remember that all metal is susceptible to natural wear and will eventually oxidise, fade or require expert maintenance in its lifetime. Maintaining your gold plated pieces is a simple task and if you follow our jewellery care advice (which is included in all orders).

We have all been there. You get a beautiful piece of jewellery and then you realise that it will not survive the day. We have to be careful with our jewellery because it is not only expensive but also delicate.

That's why we are here to help you find the perfect gift. One that will last and be loved for years to come. We have researched and found 18k gold plated jewellery, hypoallergenic, waterproof, non-tarnish, so that your loved one can enjoy their beautiful gift without having to worry about it getting ruined by water or any other substance they may come in contact with.

I have a sensitive skin. Can I wear 18k Gold Plated Jewellery?

First of all, our 18k Gold Plated Jewellery is hypoallergenic jewellery, made from materials less likely to cause a reaction.

If you have an allergy to some jewellery, most of the time it's due to either Nickel and Copper. Brass is a Copper and Zinc alloy but our Stainless Steel pieces do not contain Nickel, Chromium or Lead which are common irritants for people who are sensitive to some jewellery.

The main concern would be if the plating wore thin, your skin would be exposed to the base metal. However, our pieces are coated using the PVD process (see above) with 18k (the higher the karat, the lesser the risk of reaction).