We have taken 'sustainability' into strong consideration when starting Labuccey. We plan to focus on sustainability by using bio-degradable materials or alternating plastics with paper or other material during our process of packing the goods and sending them to you! Our packaging boxes are cardboard boxes which can be recycled by taking it to sorting place (container is named: Carton boxes). Our packaging boxes are also reusable since we do not put our logo on the cardboard box. We believe in protecting mother nature and have put a lot of thought into our packaging. 

For small packaging however, we use the bubble polymailers and looking forward in future to use sustainable packaging for smaller items. These bubble polymailers are made up of plastics and we recommend you to sort them out at the garbage collection and put them in the container that says 'plastic.'

Besides packaging we try to choose the most sustainable shipping method to get our supplies from our manufacturer. Our first choice is sea shipping if available and if not our second choice is rail shipping. If both those shipping method are not available then only we turn to air shipping. 

For most of our products, are products that are eco-friendly, reusable and sustainable. For instance, our Silk Exfoliating Glove does not require you to use anything else besides warm water. Our environmental mission is to be as green and eco-friendly as possible! 

Thank you.

Labuccey, A Finnish Brand